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Roof Moss Removal

Our gentle roof moss removal process.

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We do not pressure wash composite shingles.

Pressure washing can strip your roof of its precious granules. 

We take a softer roof cleaning approach by gently sweeping and scraping moss away. 

Our careful process effectively removes moss on the spot without causing unnecessary harm to your roof.

We thoroughly treat to prevent future growth.

We treat with zinc sulfate monohydrate. 

Treatment will shock and kill the remaining moss, lichen, mold, mildew and algae. Our treatment keeps your roof moss and algae free from new growth.

Treatment will slowly dissolve and absorb into your roof after a few rainstorms. Our method ensures a thorough application and prevents future organism growth for 3-5 years. 

Gentle Roof Moss Removal Service

Moss will eventually grow and take over any roof.

It is always best prevented before growth gets a chance to take hold. 

Treating your roof will keep your roof free from moss, algae, lichen, mildew, mold, and bacteria. Moss is removed on the spot, you will notice algae, mold and mildew stains start to disappear after a few rainfalls. 

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Moss will wreck havoc on your roof.

Don’t leave your roof exposed to moss growth.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you know moss grows rampant! Not only does the moss look unsightly, it can potentially reduce the lifespan of your roof.

Moss acts like a sponge and soaks up water. If left unchecked, leaves and other debris will build up on top of the moss and cause even more water retainment.

This means your roof will never dry out in between rainfalls and constant moisture will lead to even more bacteria, mildew and mold growth. 

A roof moss removal service can save you from a premature roof replacement.

Your roof is designed to shed water vertically. When your roof is covered in moss, the water will run horizontally and all over the place. This is not ideal because if left untreated, moss will continue growing around and eventually end up underneath your shingles. This will lift your shingles up and water will work its way under and on to the fasteners. This can cause leaks onto the lower levels of roofing underlayment and wood sheathing.

The longer you wait to remove moss, the more damage it can do to your roof.

Even if your roof only 5 years old, it is a great idea to have your roof treated to prevent growth from ever occurring.

Moss can uproot shingle granules and decrease the longevity of your roof.

Protect and keep your roof looking great with a roof moss removal service.